The Dexter is the smallest of our native British breeds of cattle and was chosen to allow wildlife friendly farming to continue on the farm. The small and compact nature of the Dexter lets us extend the grazing season on our relatively wet land from early spring into late autumn where they are able to live a free range existence. The herd only being brought into their winter quarters for a minimum amount of time during the wettest weeks of the winter were they are fed on home produced hay and bedded on straw. The herd is kept in one big family group for most of the year, were they are able to display all their natural behaviours. The livestock density is kept low to allow for sustainable farming with a minimum amount of external inputs. The 60 acres of rich and bio-diverse pasture is able to provide for all the Dexters nutritional needs with their diet only supplemented with high magnesium salt licks to aid health during calving.